Actual time off ……….


It’s July and like many others I’m taking some time off. The first half of 2019 has involved a lot of travelling and this month I’m aiming to stay still! Not going on holiday, staying at home, watching Wimbledimble and having a break from trains and ramps and things …. heheheheh. What a weirdo! Never mind!

Perhaps I’ll even find a moment to read up on formatting a blog post ……

Next month I’m going to be working with Sonic Bothy an inclusive contemporary music ensemble based in Glasgow and starting properly on the Fellowship with Trinity Laban. Until then enjoy the mixed weather and summer days!

Early summer ….

Thanks mum Allori for the purple delight below!


I’ve been back home from the Sound Symphony tour for a few weeks now. It’s difficult to describe in a few words how wonderful and transformational the whole experience was so I’m not going to even try!? Well, except to say that I have a deeper understanding of what’s possible for me and judging by the opportunities currently circling this definitely seems to be a new phase in life, career and whatnot. Ruddy marvellous.

One thing that has featured heavily during the past few months is that little word access. If you have difference as a human in any shape or form this word can have a huge impact on almost everything you do. I’m not known for speaking up about things which isn’t always useful but if you know me even a little you have probably noticed that I don’t really like to create fuss or to draw attention. In other words, I mostly like to hide ….. a lot. But recently there have been 2 such starkly different experiences of access by 2 different organisations in my days that I’m not entirely sure what to make of it all to be perfectly honest. So what makes good access? It turns out it’s really simple and begins with the question “What do you need to happen to make this possible?”. One organisation got this very right in the past month and one very, very wrong …….

Early summer rain has brought a different pace after the excitement of touring. I’ve taken a little time to be ill and to take stock. Snot seems to await those days off after you’ve been ridiculously busy! Lovely stuff! I have a big decision to make with work, a bit of space to dream and a Trinity Laban Learning & Participation Music Fellowship to keep me out of mischief. I’ll waffle on a bit more about this in the next post. Not very exciting this blog is it!? Och well, just having a go and pondering things ………