Hello there!

Trying out this blogging lark again 5 years after the last one. I’m not sure where the time goes – if you ever find out let me know and I’ll pop over with a net ….. I’m back here mainly because I’m about to venture into a new theatrical adventure and thought it might be slightly interesting to write about it. (I can’t guarantee that it will be interesting to read though!). After losing my beloved hound last month to old age and being in a bit of a low, have been feeling a little like a change of pace is needed professionally to shake up those creative juices. Is creativity a juice? Does it have a flavour? Mine feels a little flat of late and in need of some fizz. And then an unexpected project comes along that threatens to be brilliant but also to shove you out of that nice comfy comfort zone you’ve been existing in. Ah well! Let’s see shall we!?

Author: Violet_notes

Composer/performer, researcher & community music therapist - on wheels!

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