Sound Symphony.

Here is a random image of a lovely flower given to me by Barbara Hockaday!


I have no idea how to format a blog post so you can follow my progress over the next few attempts … So I’ve been working on Sound Symphony for the past 3 weeks. It’s a sensory theatre show for young people with autism and I’ve been involved in the devising and rehearsal process. It’s been a constantly surprising, creative, wonderful and exhausting experience so far and working with a team of consistently kind and creatively inventive humans. I’ve not done anything quite like this before mainly because I haven’t done much theatre but it’s definitely an area that’s making me very curious …. In my last theatrical endeavour with Graeae in 2014 I had expected to be a background musician and was very much mistaken. Once I got over the initial shock I kind of loved it but it felt very removed from what I usually did in music. Being out of your comfort zone for a time every now and again is not necessarily a bad thing. As with Graeae’s Threepenny Opera, performing in Sound Symphony is really uplifting and creatively refreshing. Sound Symphony is a new way of working in some senses but also brings together a lot of skills and experiences developed along with the passing of years. One more week until performances begin ….

Author: Violet_notes

Composer/performer, researcher & community music therapist - on wheels!

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